I knew when I set out to do this blog that if I tried to do some kind of chronological narrative of my fabulous career, it would end up in shreds. I also knew it would be kind of tempting in the beginning.  So I thought the best thing to do was to make a big jump in time, right from the get go. This painting is from the Modern Venus Series that I started in the late 1990s. I hadn’t been painting for almost 20 years at that point and I only started again because been I had some arm overuse injuries that prevented me from playing the guitar. Music was everything to me at that point in my life, and I just was hoping to keep myself busy until I could play again on a regular basis.

Before my hiatus I was an abstract painter. But just before starting up again, I had been looking at a lot of classic pin up art; and It occurred to me that maybe I could combine the two. The Modern Venus Series is what I came up with. This is Modern Venus #15. It’s 22″ X 30,” Gouache, and acrylic on paper.



8 Thoughts to “Necessity is the Mother of ReInvention”

  1. That is a nice ass! I know I’m not supposed to feel that, but I do! But Edward, I really ant to hear about all the ups and downs of your various performances at the Pyramid Club! I am sure there are elements of comedy to that, but there is no reason to stay away!

  2. I don’t see why not. After all pin-up art was part of the inspiration for the Modern Venus series. And who among has not paused by Michelangelo’s David to murmur “nice abs!”. There will be plenty of posteriors to come over the course of the coming year of this blog. Also I would be happy to enlighten you about my brief stint at the Pyramid club and my longer run at 8 BC which was actually a much hotter club at the time.

  3. Thanks, Peter. I’m doing a post each day in Facebook. Not sure why this isn’t followable, as I did another WordPress thing once that was. Perhaps something I don’t yet understand about the theme. BTW I like that self-portrait in your avatar.

  4. You can definitely follow a blog using Word Press software. There is a follow widget and when a person is logged in there should be a follow button. However, are using the WordPress online platform or your own install? I have never used the online platform but there should be such an allowable function somewhere, perhaps under widgets.

  5. Thanks, Terrence. I thought I had turned that thing on, I’ll look again. When I used WordPress before it was directly through them. This is WordPress software that I got through my internet provider. So between that and the use of a new theme, I’m still struggling a bit.

  6. Thanks for the input, guys. I think I found the problem. I needed to activate the Follow button in the Widget section, I believe it’s working now.

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